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Here’s the deal:
Most of you know I play bass as a part of @diamondaces . Well, we’re currently in an Ernie Ball battle of the bands. The winners get to play at their local @warpedtour date, but we can’t win without your help! Please take thirty seconds to vote for us ( and keep up with us online! Here are some of our links/usernames: | Twitter: @DiamondAces | Tumblr: diamondacesband | Instagram: @diamondaces
Everything counts! We need you!

Diamond Aces - Vans Warped Tour Battle Of The Bands


Attention everyone! We, Diamond Aces, are fighting our way victory over this battle, but we need some help. Please vote for us as much as possible; every vote counts! This is an amazing opportunity and we hope to make the best of it. 


We’re glad to announce we’re heading back into the studio this Tuesday, the fourth, after our acoustic set! It’s been over a month since we last laid down tracks, so it’ll be fun to start things up again.

Here’s a look into the future of Diamond Aces in 2014:

  • Recording/mixing of our second EP
  • A trip to Full Sail University to begin recording for another release
  • At least two music video releases

To keep in touch with future news and updates, feel free to check back here and like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter

Got lots of great things coming at you, folks.

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